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free nokia ringtones on 00:00 4th-Feb-07 GMT #210-43762
If there were in the world today any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have paradise in a few years.

Vinny on 22:54 3rd-Feb-07 GMT #30e-43761
Arthur: I’d forgotten about that I AM KLOOT track, thanks! Such a great song and what a video!

wilke on 13:02 3rd-Feb-07 GMT [] #30e-43759
great song must stop saying that . great meeting delboy last night could have sat there drinking all night but had to got to work next time . ok people talk soon see ya

Arthur on 22:56 2nd-Feb-07 GMT [] #87d-43758
If it’s good enough for Doctor Who…absolute class in a glass.

mickey on 21:50 2nd-Feb-07 GMT #062-43757
Thanks to whoever posted the Them Baby Please Don’t Go link, and the Keen link. What a great video, what a great bass player. I always thought Keen was one of the best songs TPE ever recorded, a comment poo poohed by the two exTPE members. Goes to show, what would them two know ? Mouths, the two of them. Vinny was a much better guitar player , you know. Just never practiced. Or practised.

jackie on 21:24 2nd-Feb-07 GMT [] #578-43756
2nd greatest drummer in the world ever. RIP.

hawk on 20:59 2nd-Feb-07 GMT [] #ac5-43754
TPE with John and Damian

hawk on 20:39 2nd-Feb-07 GMT #ac5-43753
Great track Wilke – At last you managed it!!!!!!!!!

wilke on 19:17 2nd-Feb-07 GMT #30e-43752
it works it f$%^&*( works great stuff

wilke on 19:06 2nd-Feb-07 GMT [] #30e-43751
great song

wilke on 13:50 2nd-Feb-07 GMT #30e-43750
thanks hawk nice talking . out on the piss with Online Casino some friends on sat night just to be on the safe side taking mo out as well really looking forward to it . so talk soon see ya ps meeting up with delboy tonight in derry should be good crack

joe on 02:37 2nd-Feb-07 GMT #87d-43747
Just watched ‘Here Comes the Summer’ on TOTP (YouTube) and have newly regained respect for Mickey–prodigious keyboard talent that he is. Also saw Feargal’s You Little Thief–painful and so 80’s.

hawk on 23:37 1st-Feb-07 GMT [] #e1a-43745
One for you Mickey.

hawk on 23:24 1st-Feb-07 GMT #e1a-43744
Good session in chatroom tonight – Thanks to Lindsay/Wilke and Wayne.

hawk on 22:20 1st-Feb-07 GMT #e1a-43743
Tried chatroom at 2220 – deserted

JoP on 22:14 1st-Feb-07 GMT #8a4-43742
Nah, early night for me.

wilke on 21:22 1st-Feb-07 GMT #30e-43741
anyone for the chatroom tonight then
Spelautomater På Nätet

jackie on 18:45 1st-Feb-07 GMT #578-43740
Just tried and all ok now

jackie on 18:44 1st-Feb-07 GMT #578-43739
Good job Liam. Might try to get into the chatroom tonight. Last week nothing happened. Not sure why as previous week all was ok
Kolikkopelit Verkossa

Liam on 12:57 1st-Feb-07 GMT [] #7c5-43738
Donald – looks like the JAMC might be back! See link.

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